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Text Messaging has been a very important part our life, the medium of communication is in everyone hand. They are 1.5 billion mobile in use throughout the world today, with 70 to 90% the developing and developed country. Imagine the power to connect with these huge channel through your powerful email client application, with is your familiar work environment mean of communication. Here we will demonstrate you how to send and receive text messaging using our web services, which is easy to install and setup.

Sending Text Message

This is demonstration on how to send an short text message from Outlook 2007 using our service.

  1. First of all open your Microsoft Outlook 2007 Emailing application, then select the new Outlook Toolbar New from the Toolbar. you will list of possible options
  2. Select "sms SMS Icon Text Message" from the menu
  3. As you will see that Outlook opens an new windows for you to write your text message

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Write down your short text message that you wish to send, and in the address Address book To... enter the recipient mobile number in the following international format correctly, to ensure that your message to successfully sent the recipient. As you can see their will a preview plane on the left, if your message will split into multiple message it will show here.

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Receiving Text Message

After you have Signup and activate your Virtual Number with your account, you can start receiving text message from any mobile phone on the planet. The text message will show up in your Microsoft Outlook 2007 Inbox, and also the text message will show with a specific icon sms SMS icon in state of the new mail icon new mail New e-mail icon, therefore you can differentiate which is e-mail or text message.

incoming text
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