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Setup and Installation


Setup our Outlook 2007 Mobile Service is easy as click a link and entering your username & password, which you will have all services integrated into Microsoft Outlook 2007. First you will need to have an account with us, if you have not please signup now, and you also required a copy of Microsoft Outlook 2007 installed on your computer, then follow instruction below.

System Requirements

Step by step instructions

Please click on the link in the yellow box to begin installation.

If the link does not work, please open this dialog from your Microsoft Outlook 2007 manually via this link.

The following link will require you to allow access the for our website to open a program on your computer, select Allow to continue.

Allow access to your computer via OMS install link

Now Microsoft Outlook will ask you if you would like to add an account in Microsoft Outlook from our web service, select Yes to continue.

Add an Outlook Mobile Service account

Then "Add New Outlook Mobile Service Account" dialog will appear with the link from our yellow box enter in the Web Service Address for you. Enter your username and password you have signup with us, the select Test Account Settings... to test your account settings.

Add a new Outlook Mobile Service account

If your settings are correct the following dialog box will appear, select Yes to continue.

Successful testing your Outlook Mobile Service account

Make sure that you do not get the following dialog, if you do select OK and correct your account credential again and then select Test Account Settings... again.

Testing your account but failed

Normally your account will show the next dialog, if you do not receive a message stating that "Test message sent by Microsoft Office Outlook", then log into your account and reactivate your mobile phone. If you have the following dialog box, select OK to continue.

A text message was sent to your mobile phone

After you have successfully tested your account settings, select OK from "Add new Outlook Mobile Service Account" dialog.

Now restart your computer to let the web service settings activate on your computer.

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